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The RealWakeUp Now.

“Most 'indoctrinated' people are unaware of the Fact of how This CreationBubble of Cause&Effect we are all in is purposely setup as an 'Agitation' to assist Each of US into WakingUP Completely with What ALLLifeIS.

Whatever is Created Here has been from whatever has been Decided. There is actually no 'right or wrong' to anything, as Everything, from what we each do with our hands, our emotions, our mind, and our imagination, is all part of the Process that We Each must go thru (which entails millions of lifetimes) to eventually be Agitated enough to Want To SeeeMorrre than what we have known Here.

It would 'seem' as though This CreationBubble we are in is endless, and that there was a 'creator' according to the invented systems of This Earth, and that unaware people Here actually know something about The Whole of Life.

Each one of US can 'think' and say whatever we want, but does any of it make it so with What ALLLifeIS? Everybody can be as 'right' as they want in their own minds and ALLLife is Not Concerned, as does the Sun Shining above.

The TruReality LifeIS is like the Sun Shining, as IT 'IS' Everywhere, yet UnSeeen by the PersonalSenses & PersonalMind. ALLLife is only interested in The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss to SeeeBeyond the CreationBubble that You are Now in!

ALLLife must be Seeen&PerSeeeved with Your RealAwarenisss, because IT IS invisible, as is the air You Breathe, to Your Senses and the FiveBodies The RealU Operates in This CreationBubble.

This is why there can Never be any lasting 'peace' Here, because ALL of Creation IS Agitation!

WakeUP with REBISAR&DUANEVA & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides who can Show YOU&YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, how to Freee YourSelf from Everything Restricting You and then You Can Learn to SeeeMorrre with US!


Duane provides essential references, RealKnowledge and insights as he defines the process of becoming more aware and recognising the ISSS.

“DUANE THE GREAT WRITER has created over 2500 Facebook Groups and 400 Titles on , and for One Reason Only... To Share 'What IS MoreReal' than anything in Creation!

TAKE THE RISK TO SEEEMORRRE! SING 'NU~U~U~U' & ASK REBISAR & PALL & DUANEVA & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides on The RealSide ALLLifeIS and Learn to SeeeThru This SurfaceWorld of Appearances!.

Join the Nufriends as they share their Real side experiences with Duane The Great Writer.

Join U.K Kevin, Pearce and Peter as they share their Real Side experiences with Duane The Great Writer

Join U.K Kevin, Pearce and Peter as they share their Real Side experiences with Duane The Great Writer

Duane The Great Writer shares information regarding....

1. The Guides lining up all the people in this lifetime for the big wakeup.

2. Paul Twitchel and his Eckankar creation.

3. Duane's experiences with remote viewing, astral projection, aliens and the secret military programs.

4. The fall of Eckankar, the reptilian takeover.

5. The rod of power giving way to the Nu U and the NuWavISSS.

6. The seers. The approaching and attempted negotiations with the reptilian queen of Orion. Her placement in the phantom zone.

7. Enki and Enlil and their involvement.

EXPOSED NOW... ‘SECRETS OF THE REAL SECRET SERVICE’ Duane The Great Writer & Dean Val Vitols, who were with the ISSS~International Secret Service SuperVision, will be finally telling Their Stories after over Fifty Years of Keeping Quiet, in this ongoing NUSeeereees, as They are Both Here to Help Save This Planet Earth.

Hikers Dream

Dean Val Vitols interviewing various individuals who have a passion for hiking. They share their insights and adventures.

ALLLifeIS Articles

Articles written by Duane The Great Writer. Narrated by Kevin Smith

NU Awareness and Adventure School.



NUBOOK TWO 'A JOURNEY TO REALFREEDOM' RealFreedom IS Here & Now. Test what Duane is presenting with The NU-U Sessions, and you will be shown by Rebazar and The RealGuides in Your DreamVisions, 'What IS Real Now!'

Written by Duane The Great Writer.

Narrated by kevin Smith

The ALLLISSS Archives.

Excerpts from various NuPresntation skype sessions.

The Big Brain Experience

Eric Gaimur 'The Big Brain' and his friends share their Real side experiences

Intuitive Survival Sessions

“The so-called ‘mysteries’ of a Person’s Dreams have always intrigued many who are unaware of what is actually taking place while a Person’s PhysicalBody is sleeping. The ‘dream’ idea was invented, just like ‘conspiracy theory’ by Those Who KONtrol Others-TWKO, as a means to keep unaware people and other body-types away from Knowing that their so-called ‘dreams’ actually refer to Another Dimension, a Portal, an Opening to Start to WakeUP to more than just the struggling&suffering as slaves in Creation-----If you want to access your Intuitive ability then participate in our weekly event.

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