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“This Planet Earth is in Huge Danger Right Now, and Many People are having RealSide (Dream) Experiences that provide RealWarnings to Alert Everyone Here! It is not easy for anyone to ‘shift’ from their MindRoutines and ComfortZones of thinking&living a certain way, and then Decide to Pay Attention to Their Dreams and Make Sense of them. This is very understandable, but once a person starts to Seee how there is a relationship with ThemSelves and what happens while Their PhysicalBody is (Dreaming) asleep, they will begin to WakeUP to more than what they have created with Their PersonalSelf to be, and eventually Learn to Freee ThemSelves from Cause&Effect Creation. Very few people will do this, in other words, Take The Risk to SeeeMorrre than ever before. Instead, it is far too ‘easy’ for a person to stay the same and giggle about the funny night time experiences that all people have. The Tougher & Bigger Challenge is to in some way relate to what took place while sleeping and bring it into something Physically Tangible! Just like Tesla did with His Visions of what He Saw and then created Something Beneficial for Everyone here! ~ Here is an Example of a RealSide Experience (So-Called Dream) that was told to Dean Val of NUUU … “A person in a car makes a left hand turn while driving on a street (which means the Past in this experience) and then suddenly Sees a Spaceship take off that is as Big as a City! The Spaceship goes up for a ways into the air (to make itself known is the idea) and then comes down near the ground (not landing, to show others it is above them). Then… a Person Dressed in Black comes from the Spaceship with a Weapon and starts going from car to car and Shooting through the Windshields of the People’s Cars and injuring or killing them... and then comes to the Dreamer and points the weapon… then the Dream (RealSide Experience) Ends! Dean Val, who was told this, comes to find out that this person had previously worked for Apple (Spaceship in Cupertino, California) which is seen above ground and ‘thought’ to be something good&beneficial, when in fact, there is a Lot More taking place than meets the eye with the Apple Spaceship Building & Center! Most people do not know how far underground the Apple Spaceship goes and Who else it is connected to that is in the same proximity! The Apple Spaceship Center goes far underground and Connects to Many of the surrounding well-known facilities as a Top Secret Operation! The Person having this RealSide Experience could expand upon this RealSide Experience and Alert Others, but Most People ‘think’ it is just a Dream, and even if they knew what was Really taking Place, they would probably run&hide! There is No Place to Hide, because Everything on This Planet Earth will Become SelfEvident and Everyone will have to Face ALL of It! Deception Always Shows Up! Most people on This Planet earth work for Deceptive Agencies and ‘think’ they know what they are doing, because they make a PayCheck. There is Always More UnSeen than Seen Here! ~ This Planet Earth Needs a Lot of Help from ALL of US, Right Now! Dean Val of NUUU~Nations United UNUversal UNUversity is contacting people Around This World Everyday to share the importance of The ALLNaturALL Environment Supporting ALL of US. Dean Val’s Headquarters is in the Cafe Del Valle, in La Mision, Baja California, where Val is Providing SomethingReal with ‘TELL ME YOUR DREAMS!’ Dean Val & Duane Lee 501C3, have created ‘CAN~Community Action Network’ to Help ALLCommunities become aware of How to Be SelfSufficient with PermaCulture & Food&RainForests. We are always looking for RealPeople to StepUp who want to Learn what Life on This Earth is all about. We will be leasing large portions of land to create Something Wonderful for ALLCommunities Everywhere! Contact: Val Vitols on Skype & Facebook & +1.408.990.6627, to get involved with what We ALL ‘CAN’ DO Now!


NuArticles by Duane The Great Writer