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“ WEE~Wonderful Environment E'DU'cators are Here for Everyone that is Sincere~Honorable~Grateful with Supporting The ALLNatural Environment and Becoming SelfSufficient & MoreAware! No matter what a person 'believes' about anything in This Creation...WEE are Here to Support Those who can SeeeMore than just a 'limited life' Here. The ALLNatural Environment is Not a Category or Label to be defined only by a Person's PersonalMind. There is So Much Morrre to The RealEnvironment that is Not Seeen that 'IS' MoreReal than anything with this World. This World and Creation is a Huge Process & Challenge to GetThru to Recogn'IS'e The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss that Operates Your FiveBodies. WEE Seee This and WEE are Here to As'IS'st Everyone who really cares to BeFreee of Cause&Effect Creation. So many of US have already went thru the 'various systems' of religion, meditation, spiritual paths&teachings, and NOWIS The TruReality LifeIS with RealGuidance & RealEducation from REBISAR~DUANEVA~PALL & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides into The ReALLL UNUversisss of RealFreedom! There is no time limit for The ReALLL~Recogn'IS'ion of THE ALLLISSS, as this can take lifetimes. It is Not a matter of 'knowledge' alone and The RealReferences Provided by REBISAR~DUANEVA~PALL & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides, but Something FarMorrre than what can be seen and experienced Here. Each person Must Decide for ThemSelves and Learn What RealGuidance and a RealEducation ActuallyIS! WEE are Unique&Real and Not a 'category' to be defined by the 'indoctrinated' SubliminalStandards of the KONtrolling Systems in This Creation. Most people cannot SeeePast This Creation and their own creations, so they are 'thinking' that Creation is all there is... NOT SO!!! YOU Decide if Being a Real RiskTaker is for YOU! ~~~ WEE~Wonderful Environment E'DU'cators can Show YOU&YU, The RealU, how to Freee YourSelf from Everything Restricting You and then You Can Learn to SeeeMorrre with US! TAKE THE RISK TO SEEE! SING 'NU~U~U~U' & ASK REBISAR & PALL & DUANEVA & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides on The RealSide LifeIS and Learn to SeeeThru This SurfaceWorld of 'this&that's' that appear to be something...YOUR CHOICE! Ask USA~Valdis Vitols (Dean Val~NUUU) & UK~Kevin Smith (Dean Kevin~NUUU) on Facebook to Join a NUSkype Group. StepUP & Become MoreAware & DU Something ReALLL with US! WE E'DU'CATORS~Wonderful Environment E'DU'cators 'IS' REALLL! Listen to ~ 'THE VISITOR RETURNS' ~ www.BlogTalkRadio.comon Wednesdays 9PM Pacific Time USA. For More Warnings: Seee the Movie 'KNOWING' with Nicolas Cage! (Produced by Reptilian ShapeShifters who are Burning This World & Laser Blasting the SUN!)

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For Children of all ages everywhere

By Duane The Great Writer

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